Spanky & our Gang – sunday mornin ` long version +

hey all :

ok , in lue of time constraints here are the two tracks not otherwise availiable
off the greatest hits lp , “everybody`s talkin” & the long version of “sunday mornin`” !
from sunday mornin : “your in for a rude awakening man , when the long hairs take over the world”. . . . . 🙂

[ almost a thousand downloads on this one so far — wow !! – will do the spanky LIVE LP soon , hang tough kidz ]


download — here —


~ by akashaman on December 20, 2006.

12 Responses to “Spanky & our Gang – sunday mornin ` long version +”

  1. Thank you very much. Is there any way you can post the whole Greatest Hits lp? Thanks again.

  2. Can’t seem to make this link download the file for me. Is it still current? If not, can you repost? Many thanks…

  3. Been many years since I’ve heard this. THANK YOU!!!

  4. These guys were great.

  5. Thank you Akashaman!

    You have magnificant taste in tunes!



  7. Would really like this album, can you upload it? Thanks! Great Site!

  8. The Greatest Hits LP is a unique record because almost all of the material was remixed or re-recorded superior or significantly different from the originals.Any chance we’ll ever hear the Live recording?–Bill

  9. what up with that !???? re upped elsewhere : )enjoy !aka`

  10. thank you, much appreciated 🙂

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