The Stories – About Us – `73 [mike brown]

hey all :
here is yet another installment in my “killer one hit wonder” LP`s !
this one comes from mike brown & co. – “the stories” – mike brown some might know was the genius behind the left banke & created such masterpieces as “pretty ballerina” & “walk away renee”. ya , there is some pedigree behind this one !the hit here is “brother louie” which barely even made it on this platter! 1`st pressings contain a 45 with the track & later it was added as the last track , side two but wasnt listed on inside cover w/ other trax ! i have never seen a copy with the 45 , but have seen some without the track altogether.

*noteworthy is the killer KICK DRUM sound at intro of brother louie , WOW , crank this one – also the interplay between the lead guitar & strings in louie as well ~ this is a spendid LP that power pop fans will love ~
this is thier second album — mike brown (who quit the band before this album was done) and ian lloyd write some great material, and steve love really shines on guitar. the LP has more of a hard-rock feel, and the best cuts on here are “Darling”, “Hey France”, “Please Please”, “Believe Me”, and “Top Of The City”. their hit “brother louie” is also on here, but that was cut after mike quit, and it has nothing to do with the band’s style or sound. brian madey does good drumming on here too.
[ i also have the other two stories lp`s as well as the left banke`s pretty ballerina/walk away renee & ian lloyds solo LP`s ! all of which will be transferred soon – ].

**Please visit Ian Lloyd @ Ian Lloyd for NEW music & a rare , limited 3 track EP that is availiable now…Ian has re recorded brother louie even & it will be released soon as well. — thanks ~

“all trax from wax” [tr] – transferred by da` shaman – 2006

  • THE STORIES – ABOUT US – KAMA SUTRA – `73 – 256 KBPS – 63 MB
  • includes front/inside cover high rez scans

  • 1. Darling
  • 2. Don’t Ever Let Me Down
  • 3. Love Is in Motion
  • 4. Hey France
  • 5. Please, Please
  • 6. Changes Have Begun
  • 7. Circles
  • 8. Believe Me
  • 9. Words
  • 10. Top of the City
  • 11. Down Time Blooze
  • 12. What Comes After
  • 13. Brother Louie

download — here —


~ by akashaman on December 22, 2006.

21 Responses to “The Stories – About Us – `73 [mike brown]”

  1. A very very good album here! Thank you very much!


  2. Hello:) Thank you for this cool album. been looking for Ian looyd and the Stories traveling underground. Do you know where to find?? Greetings from Norway!

  3. WOW! this is really good!

  4. thanks for this… awhile ago i emailed ian lloyd on myspace to ask why this’s so hard to find. he was nice enough to write back, blaming it on the record company.

  5. Cheers for this, been a Left Banke fan and always wanted to hear The Stories. Brother Louie is excellent!

  6. One of the greatest lost treasures of the 70’s. A true classic !!
    Thnak You

  7. very cool. loved the song brother louie, so this will be a treat. thanx.

  8. wow-i once had this lp and played it until it was square and then somehow it got lost in one of my many moves. what a treat to find it again…so thank you very much and keep up the great work…………norsevarg

  9. Ash, in Ian’s somewhat inimitable words, he wrote:

    “Regarding your question: The record company sucked and continues to suck wherever it may be. E-bay is probably the only way to find stuff. I actually purchased a CD COPY of “Goosebump” and payed like around $40BUCKEROOS & I”M THE F(*)_N ARTIST.”

  10. Wonderful – major gratitude for this.Looking forward to your first Stories album – over the years I’ve found 2 copies – both play off centre and tend to augment Lloyd’s – ahem, ‘edgy’ vibrato a little too much, ho ho. First lp’s my fave, simply ’cause it’s more Banke-ian [‘Bankesque’? lol].Long may you run, bro’.

  11. This is probably their best album. It’s a shame Mike quit the band after recording the album, beacuse I would have loved to hear do these songs live…

  12. Well, I really hate to be the bearer of bad news, but it looks like some anti-piracy asshole has targeted your blog (I don’t understand why they target the ones with obscure albums that’ll never see a re-release). I’ve checked every link here and only the newest download seems to be working — the rest of them have been deleted. Sorry, it looks like you had some real gems here.

  13. Hello AKA,

    Nice to see some stories ! I remember this album from the seventies, nice to have this digital.
    Thanks man. Groeten uit Holland

  14. Thanx so much for the Stories album! I’m a big fan of your blog which I daily visit.

  15. hey : you guys are quite welcome !
    you should hear the debut & the third one called “ian lloyd & the stories”.
    i think its as good as this 2nd one here. i also have ian lloyd`s solo LP om polydor from `75 which i will get to as well , very soon. total power pop.
    keep the comments coming & i`ll keep sharing !


  16. Thank you SO MUCH for putting this up. I’ve always thought that this underrated masterpiece was ripe for MOJO magazine-type reverence, but it’s still waiting. I’ve not been able to find a CD of it, either.

    Great blog otherwise, too. Especially enjoy seeing the Oracle cover. I used to sell it on the streets of Denver!

  17. oh my : this is sad news. i see you are correct. i will change servers & try & get everything re uploaded then :


  18. your very welcome my man ; thanks for feedback~
    will do thier debut & third Lp`s as well — soon !


  19. PS — i cant believe he wrote back , ya thats too kewl : maybe i should email him , lol !


  20. Awesome album!!!!, my uncle Jose (rip) bought it in vinyl and me and siblings got hooked on it. I was only 7 when i discovered it (late 70s), lend it to my schoolmates and every single one of them recorded it, and played it insanely. Rescued it from grandma’s home but can’t find it. All cuts.. just amazing. Thanks alot!!!!! Excellent blog

  21. Thank you very much…!!!!!!


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