Jigsaw – s/t – 1975 – Chelsea Records

hey all :

here is yet another installment in my “killer one hit wonder lp`s”. this means of course that beyond the bands “one hit wonder” song , the lp is actually quite good & usually never heard. i have already posted , others : climax , pilot , stories , etc. — many more to come

anyway , here is the band “Jigsaw” , this LP is from 1975 & the song “sky high” was a huge hit w/ much radio play. yes , quite an ear worm this one.
very poppy , even tinges of power pop here & there. power pop fans will dig i am sure…. enjoy ~

“Jigsaw continued to make music and signed a new deal with independent UK label “Splash”, which was founded by Chas Peate (who would be the group’s record producer). Their first single for their new label, entitled “Sky High”, was recorded for the film The Man From Hong Kong, a 1975 martial-arts action movie starring George Lazenby. The record company didn’t think the disco-infused song would be a hit, and therefore pressed only a couple of hundred promotional copies to satisfy contractual obligations. However, radio stations put it on playlists, causing the label to issue it commercially, and it made the UK Top 10. Chelsea Records released it in the USA (where Splash had no pressing plants) and it was also a hit there, going to #3. It charted all over the world and was #1 in Japan.

Their album “Sky High” also sold very well, especially in Japan. Their next single “Love Fire” was another hit, although not in the United Kingdom. Nevertheless, ‘Love Fire’ was followed by two new albums, one for the British market called “Pieces of Magic” and another for the American market, the eponymous “Jigsaw”.”

  • Jigsaw – s/t – 1975 – 256 kbps – 56 mb
  • includes high rez front cover scan

  • 1 – sky high
  • 2 – thats the way it goes
  • 3 – listen to the joker
  • 4 – love fire
  • 5 – mystic harmony
  • 6 – have you heard the news
  • 7 – mention my name
  • 8 – baby dont do it
  • 9 – tell me why
  • 10 – i`ve seen the film , i`ve read the book
  • 11 – call collect

download — here —


~ by akashaman on January 28, 2007.

22 Responses to “Jigsaw – s/t – 1975 – Chelsea Records”

  1. THANK YOU!!!

  2. I also have one Jigsaw album and includes three of the songs on this one: Sky High, Listen to the Joker(my favourite!) and I’ve seen the film…”
    I always considered a pitty they flew away so quickly and apart from Sky high, they’ve been rarely mentioned because there’s some nicely crafted songs all trough the album, and I’m sure here I’ll find some others Jigsaw’s lost gems, thanks a lot for this share!,
    I think is a great idea to give it a try at those albums with such a Big Hit aboard, usually they come up with some others songs as good or even better than the Big Hit! 😉
    Now comes to my memory that album from Players with “Baby come back”
    remmber that one?

  3. Thanks for this one for sure!

  4. This link is impossible:http://www.sendspace.com/file/ro3dzy

  5. Thanks for this great post…I love “Skyhigh”..Never knew they had a full length LP…

  6. Thank you very much for this rare one!!!

  7. Once had a terribly beat up copy of this from a charity shop in Huddersfield (W yorks uk), have you heard their late 60’s singles “one way street” -both versions, and “tumbling”, thanks for the post

  8. why do you use sendspace ?!!


  9. Great stuff here, cheers and thanks! Can’t wait to see what else you come up with.

  10. thnaks for this kind of music

  11. Now I want to see the movie they when in!!lol—JV

  12. Thanks so much for this share – it was wonderful to hear it again. I loved Sky High and bought the album in the mid 70s but here in Aussie the band was called British Jigsaw (we already had our own Jigsaw) and the album was called Sky High. The cover was the same as the Japanese re-release with the blue sky, clouds and birds but it was British Jigsaw. I have not heard this album for 25 odd years. Thank you so much – and the quality is superb.

  13. Podrias subir el album en otro servidor como rapidshare , zshare , zizu o badongo etc ya que desde http://www.sendspace.com/file/ro3dzy no se puede bajar Can you upload this album in another site ? because in http://www.sendspace.com/file/ro3dzyi cant download please !!!Gracias Gustavo Buenos Aires Argentina http://tributo-americano.blogspot.com/

  14. Just a short trivia note: Jigsaw, of course, infamously went on to appear in the controversial 1978 ‘social problem’ sexploitation drama HOME BEFORE MIDNIGHT, directed by noted sex’n’horror auteur Pete Walker, starring James Aubrey of ‘Bouquet Of Barbed Wire’ fame as a songwriter for imaginary pop group Bad Accident (played by you-know-who) whise career plummets when he is found to have had an affair with a 14-year old girl, which despite being consensual at the time is still regarded as rape. Jigsaw’s music is all over the film, sometimes with the same song ocurring twice within three minutes. We hear it in restaurants, motorway cafes, nightclubs, and in one of the most obvious product placements ever committed to celluloid(an unintentionally hilarious scene, where after the relationship has ended and Aubrey is facing imprisonment, female lead Alison Elliot is seen listening to their music, which in the plot is supposed to be composed by her erstwhile beau, on her stereo!!) Yeah, right, like anyone would happily play songs written by someone who had allegedly violated them- pull the other one Walker, it’s got glitter on it!! However, their music is used effectively in some measure to tell the story, particularly the closing song ‘World Kick Me When I’m Down’ Despite the laughable idea that in 1978, after punk and disco had rampaged across the airwaves, teenagers would queue up to buy records by this bunch of tank-topped Les McQueens, and some frankly daft dialogue, the film does actually make its social point quite well, and Walker’s skills as a director still manage to shine through- but it flopped at the box office compared to his horror output, and it probably didn’t do Jigsaw any favours as the new decade crept in. It also stars Chris Jagger in a prominent role, and features cameos from Diddy David Hamilton and Anne Nightingale, both playing themselves. Believe it or not, it has just been released on DVD.

  15. damn ! thanks for that , i really luv this LP ~aka`

  16. Wow! I Loved this album. Played it out. Can’t wait for the download to finish.

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  22. Thanks for this!

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