Zebra – 3.V – `86

hey all :

you guys trust the the shaman by now huh ? :::)
every now & again you know i like to catch you guys off guard. some might remember zebra for thier epic hit in the 80`s “who`s behind the door”. this is thier 3rd lp. i think its more solid than thier debut. maybe this is what zeppelin would have sounded like had they made it into the 80`s & went more in a pop direction ?!
this one is a grower , give it a couple spins !

heres a review from AMG :
Taking a cue from the almighty Zeppelin on the numerical album title, Zebra bestows a most un-Leded offering. 3.V is mastermind Randy Jackson’s last-ditch effort to conquer civilization through his New Orleans power trio; a wise and distinct musical mural depicting the delectable joy of living beyond drugs and despair. The insular production (along with Hanemann’s keys) may be off-putting, but once inside 3.V, “He’s Making You the Fool,” “Your Mind’s Open,” “Better Not Call,” and “Hard Living Without You” rank as some of the best songs ever written in any regard. Following Geddy Lee’s lead, Jackson tones down his banshee wail and delicately weaves these masterworks around his powerful pipes, resulting in a (shudder) heavy metal Bee Gees (much cooler than that sounds). Jackson scats, scolds and soars, always keeping things tight. Like the deceptively simple title indicates, 3.V has that certain something extra: more than an album, 3.V opens the mind of an unheralded genius.

Signed Zebra Promo shot i found in debut LP !

Zebra – 3.V – `86 – 320 kbps – 75mb

1. Can’t Live Without You
2. He’s Making You the Fool
3. Time
4. Your Mind’s Open
5. Better Not Call
6. You’ll Never Know
7. About to Make the Time
8. You’re Only Losing Your Heart
9. Hard Living Without You
10. Isn’t That the Way

download — here —


~ by akashaman on January 30, 2007.

6 Responses to “Zebra – 3.V – `86”

  1. Thanks! Had to check it out, but plan on buying the album asap. These guys are awesome!

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  3. This is a great album. Some of the songs on this CD can be heard on their new DVD (put out in 2007) that you can purchase on their website…www.thedoor.com. The DVD is full of wonderful stories on how the band got their start and their journey along the way. It’s fantastic!

  4. fantastic record that doesn’t get the respect it deserves! I recently picked this up on vinyl and forgot how great this LP was. Thanks for the post!

  5. thx for reminding me of how great zebra was. I pulled out mt old audio cassetes of zebra listened to them and said to the heck with this an ordered the cds.

  6. Hey, thanks!

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