Tommy Roe – Phantasy – `67 – ABC Records

hey all :

ok , here is a psych pop gem from `67. member`s of gary ushers millennium project play on this… great production & melodies , tho i am sure tommy was jumpin on he psychedelic bandwagon here , alot of the songs really capture the innocence & excitement of the day. this is one of my faves , tho the sucrose content is charged & is best in smaller doses.


  • Tommy Roe – Phantasy – `67 – ABC Records – 192 kbps
  • 1 – paisley dreams
  • 2 – plastic world
  • 3 – melancholy mood
  • 4 – visions
  • 5 – mystic magic
  • 6 – little miss sunshine
  • 7 – these are the children
  • 8 – goodbye yesterday
  • 9 – the executive
  • 10 – the you i need
  • 11 – its gonna hurt me

download — here — or — here —


~ by akashaman on April 11, 2007.

22 Responses to “Tommy Roe – Phantasy – `67 – ABC Records”

  1. veddy, veddy nice…dank you

  2. Thx My Man. Yeah you are right about Rapidshare. This one new to me but worth a go…………BTB

  3. Are you kidding, man ??? What the devil this f….g zupload means ??? Actually I lost my nerves trying download through that “quickly” sharing system – more than 6 or 7 hours with no result.

  4. >file works fine for me , >simply click where it >says “download”Sure – working fine.Simply didn’t notice this was the link – was looking for a button or an undelined text link.Thanks.

  5. Deleted already?Pity šŸ˜¦

  6. I got this album right after you posted it and as I was reading the comments just now I noticed I forgot to say thanks. As I get older I forget more and more. šŸ˜¦I had some of his hits but not an album.Thanks!jim

  7. thanks alot for all the great vinyl transfers of lost gems. The sound quality is top notch. Hey, you in Big D? Me too.Randy R


  9. thanks for the stories “about us.” haven’t heard that since the early seventies. I forgot how good it was. every track is great and most of them better than “brother louie,” though there’s nothing wrong with that song.

  10. Thanks a lot, aka’

  11. Hmm.. Fallout aka Radiation.. masters of the illegal needle drop releases. I wouldn’t be suprised if they have booted it from akashamans rip šŸ˜‰Cheers!! – SCM

  12. Thanks for this

  13. relax , relax ; i`ll up it to another server …server speeds fluctuate , like everything else.look for new link soon.aka`

  14. iĀ“ll have to disagree with you on this one. “psych pop gem” is a little too much for this album. Millennium is 100x better, and so SagittariusĀ“ Present Tense. anyway, thank you a lot for this blog. great stuff! iĀ“ll put a link to it at my site, ok? a big hug from Brazil.

  15. thanks very much for the Tommy Roe!

  16. thanks all for the comps : ya , RR i am in dallas ; round royal & 75 area…. you a collector as well , or just big fan of music ?would luv to meet any big music fans & or collectors , holla at me sometime & maybe you could stop over & jam sometime : aka`

  17. Thanks Much for this Groovy album!

  18. Guess what, this is being reissued, sometime this month I think. On Fallout (Island division now), the same label that reissued It’s Now Winter Day. – michael

  19. ok , i changed servers , i hope that makes everyone happy. it takes me a long time to do these transfers , i certainly dont have time to upload them to everyones favorite server.if there are trojan horses at these places , thats news to me , get a better virus app.dont ask me to use rapidshare , as i will not. they suck & eveyone else is using them. i try & do what everyone else is NOT doing.thanks… so , please ; try & enjoy some tommy roe , eh ?aka`

  20. file works fine for me , simply click where it says “download” , do not try & save with right click !this will not work in this case. hope this helps. . . . . aka`

  21. thanks for this man .mocho


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