Zager & Evans – s/t `70 – RCA Victor Records

Hey all :

from the duo that gave us “2525” here is thier 2nd LP.
this one a bit trippier than the debut , i dont think
it got very good reviews , but i really like it. AMG
slammed it , but what do they know , ha ?
i know its very scarce. let me know what you think ~

  • Zager & Evans – `70 – RCA Victor Records
  • transferred by da` shaman – 2007
  • MP3 @ 320 – 70 MB
  • * includes high rez cover scan & inner lyrix art

  • 1. overture
  • 2. in my house
  • 3. during rem
  • 4. reginald ludwig
  • 5. the plastic park
  • 6. the candy machine
  • 7. mister turnkey
  • 8. she never sleeps beside me
  • 9. crutches
  • 10. listen to the people

DOWNLOAD : — here —


~ by akashaman on July 20, 2007.

15 Responses to “Zager & Evans – s/t `70 – RCA Victor Records”

  1. Posted a bunch of 2525 covers over at mine if yer interested:

  2. Nice to have ya Back Dood, I had this one but could never find the First album just some singles. That would be very sweet if ya have it… Thanx again

  3. Well, I didn’t know Zager and Evans made any albums. This one is great, and trippy.Thanks for posting it.

  4. By gosh! nobody ever accused me of having bad taste, yet I just can’t understand why so many bloggers & critics (AMG including) put a lot of shit on these guys! yeah, the music may be silly sometimes, or not so well-crafted in terms of pop industry – but it sure got some original attractiveness that many of their pop-soul brothers could only dream of! probably it’s that case when just 1 slick hit does it all, meaning rises too high, then kills too fast…Fine stuff – & I could even split hairs in their favour if I was put against the wall. – as it is, though, just thank you man — your rips are HQ, too!–My friends standing here say they agree completely, so regards from Moscow music collectors)p.s. Hydra 15,000 is a Vanguard single, saw it once on ebay but someone caught it faster!

  5. Listened again in the early morning. FUCKIN’ GREAT!

  6. Wow- I’m a huge faN of Zager & Evans. I grew up in Nebraska, where they were based. I once heard a song on the radio there, that I have never been able to find- Zager & Evans – Hydra 15,000. Ever heard of it? -blorpik

  7. hey man,very happy to see you back online. Thanks for the music.

  8. ευχαριστώ πολύ να ‘σαι καλά.δεν ήξερα ότι είχαν βγάλει και δεύτερο δίσκο

  9. for help ! Is there anybody could tell me how to download this file?

  10. Hey Aka-man !Thank god you are back!I want to say thanks so much for sharing this special music with us!Peace!

  11. he said “thanks alot , i did not know they had a second disc”your very welcome — turn it up man !🙂aka`s

  12. download works fine , just checked it … dunnoaka`

  13. eeee-Yowza! there’s something there— a trippy well-produced ‘lost gem’—-the first ballpark comparison that comes to mind is The 4 Seasons’ GENUINE IMITATION LIFE. Sometimes do you too step back and wonder: In the 10 or more years I’ve been actively collecting ‘lost’ pop-psych rarities, How the heck could so M-A-N-Y great innovative creations have been packed into that brief 5-year span ’66-71, and the flow of reDISCovery never reaches any end?

  14. yo :i dunno man where they all come from !5 yrs ago i had no clue that all these gems even existed.i find new ones every week.i need to get back to throwing up some more , sorry its been hell here.soon , soon !thank for feedback , i sent a request on your myspace , for friends.keep in touchaka`

  15. a year later & its still good ..:)


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