Boston Tea Party – `68 _ Flick Disc Records

  • hey all :

    ok , back to wax & my fave genre` pop psych.
    thanks to steve i found some info on these caats.
    lots of fuzz guitar , tons of organs.. really catchy , pretty heavy at times , good `ol pop psych.
    this has been issued on cd , but i think its pretty high & hard to find.
    not to mention the lp , lol.
    these songs will def. grow on you ..
    let me know if you got anything on these guys or if you were ever in the band , lol.
    [ hey , its happened ! ]

    turn it up !

    “you picked the wrong place to hide , for we have already died”

    “In spite of the name, these guys were from Burbank, California. Originally formed in 1963, they started out as a surf outfit, but by the mid-’60s had decided to follow popular trends, reinventing themselves as a psych band.

    Featuring a lineup of brothers Mike (keyboards) and Richard (bass) DePerna, singer Travis Fields, drummer David Novogroski and guitarist Mike Stevens, the group debuted with the 1967 single “Words” b/w “Spinach”. Originally released by the small Big Boss label, the single was promptly reissued by Gene Autry’s Challenge Records. A pair of follow-ups also did little (“Is It Love?” b/w “Don’t Leave Me Alone” and “Free Service” b/w “Rose In the Night”).

    The first released by the MGM affiliated Flick Disc label, 1968 saw the quintet debut with their first LP – the cleverly-titled “The Boston Tea Party”. Co-produced by Jerry Styler and Dave Brooks, original material such as “I’m Telling You”, “Straighten Up and Fly Right” and “We Have Already Died” wasn’t half bad. Largely penned by Stevens, the results were keyboard-driven rockers that reflected a distinctive psych edge. Fields proved a surprisingly strong voice, capable of salvaging even some of the lamer numbers (“I Found a Way”). Elsewhere the album was worth hearing just for some of the year’s lamest guitar solos (check out Stevens’ performance on “I’m Telling You”). Among the few complaints, Mike DePerna’s stabbing organ (he occasionally sounded as if he were playing a different song from the rest of the band (“Fantasy”)”

    Boston Tea Party – `68 – Flick Disc
    MP3 @ 320 kbps – 64 MB
    *includes high rez cover scans + label cause its just kewl.

    1. I’m Tellin’ You
    2. Straighten Up and Fly Right
    3. I Found a Way
    4. Fantasy
    5. We Have Already Died
    6. Free Service
    7. Just Pretend You’re Sherry
    8. In Their Shoes
    9. Time Being
    10. Please Be Glad (For What You Have in Your Heart)



~ by akashaman on August 27, 2007.

19 Responses to “Boston Tea Party – `68 _ Flick Disc Records”

  1. Cool Lp; I have the vinyl; what is really the killer track from this crew is the 45 “Rose In the Night,” great hooks, keys, and a totally LA Strawberry
    Alarm Clock-type song; this shoulda been a huge hit!

  2. I’ve been looking for this…thanks!

  3. i have heard the song “we have already died” on a biker soundtrack compilation but it was credited to a band called “the Orphan eggs” i have heard 2 more songs by this band and they sound quite similar perhaps even more psych

  4. fantastic! thanks akashaman. Where you been lately? – from Brooklyn NY

  5. Check out this link for info on The Boston Tea Party. It has all the info you need.

  6. Great album, always look forward to seeing what you post next!Cheers – sub_commandante_marcos

  7. the new link apparently doesn’t work either… or I don’t see it

  8. You are welcome and thanks for the download. You have a great site. Keep it up.

  9. I have been trying to download this album for about two years and can’t. I am the drummer on this album. The Boston Tea Party. Is there any way at all that I can get it Please.

  10. some bad ass drumming on this LP !
    love the raw sound of it , great basement vibe. glad u grabbed the transfer ! i am listening again as well , turn it up !

    ahh , the good `ol days !



  11. rock data ; hold on to your bytes , i am upping the file now !🙂aka`

  12. Hey !!! … i really wont to listen this record but the file expired !!! … someone try to reupload this records …. thanks !!dr.r.moreno

  13. Got it thanks. I have the record but now I have a CD. Thanks akashaman.

  14. Just found your blog and very sad to find the download for Boston Tea Party has been deleted. Would have loved to hear it!!!

  15. Hey Dude I am trying to download your Boston Tea Party and the link is no good. It would mean a lot to me if I could download it. You see I am the drummer on that album. I am David Novogroski. Let me know if I can still get it. Please email me at Thanks David

  16. I love a lot of organ in my psych music. It adds a certain groovy atmosphere. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  17. sweet thanks bro ~aka`

  18. new link added ! enjoyaka`

  19. added a new link for ya david , sorry for delay .. internet has been down. i think i am back up & runni`n now , lol.

    let me know if u get it OK !


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