Babylon Zoo – the boy with the x-ray eyes – `96

space rock at its best ! came out in `96 this is the dreamchild of jas mann.
he wrote , recorded & played most everything on here.
one of my fave obscure cds ever !
lots of layered sounds , keys , & heavy guitars.


The trip-hoppy euro-pop of St. Etienne also comes to mind as one component of this fascinating, kitchen-sink acquired-taste hybrid out of Wolverhampton, England. Add unique lead distortion achieved by plugging a cheap, second-hand guitar and amp straight into the mixing desk, and a variety of vocal and instrumental sound effects that create a cross between Tommy James and the Shondells’ “Crimson and Clover” and low-budget, sci-fi horror flick special effects, and you have some insight into the mind of 24 year old part Asian/part Native American vocalist/writer/producer Jas Mann.

A dash of rave, a sprinkle of Sisters of Mercy-like Goth, an undercurrent of Bowiesque Glam, and through this sonic jam soars the yearning, child-simple siren melodies of “Zodiac Sign” and the title track. An electro-pop cornucopia, done on the cheap and with a knowing wink, Babylon Zoo is a magpie speaking in tongues while deftly decorating its nest with glittering, borrowed baubles.

Babylon Zoo – the boy with the x-ray eyes -`96 – MP3 @ 320 kbps

  1. Animal Army
  2. Spaceman
  3. Zodiac Sign
  4. Paris Green
  5. Confused Art
  6. Caffeine
  7. The Boy With The X-Ray Eyes
  8. Don’t Feed The Animals
  9. Fire Guided Light
  10. Is Your Soul For Sale?
  11. I’m Cracking Up I Need A Pill

download —>— here —


~ by akashaman on July 10, 2008.

8 Responses to “Babylon Zoo – the boy with the x-ray eyes – `96”

  1. Many thankx friend. Welcome to the net.

  2. Listening to the excellent tunes as I type this….very sweet. Last time I visited (quite a while ago), I got Pink World by Planet P Project…very happy with that as well…Had it on cassette tape, but it sounded horrible as it was overplayed. I was glad to get a clean copy. Thanks for the great sounds.

  3. thanks for the info G , i`ll seek it out : what ya think of BZ ?hollaaka`

  4. your welcome , but i have been on “the net” since its inception !lolwelcome to my blog ….aka`

  5. i cant post there as i have never bought anything from them , that bites. holla at em for me & let them know about this page !🙂thnKSTOM

  6. there’s a ‘psychedelic forum’ now at Amazon–and Hamilton Streetcar has a long thread there with an old member sharing info…velcome back

  7. only 1 listen yet to B-Zoo, but found it eminently listenable which is rare for a 60s-hooked nut like me,

  8. Thank you 😉 you should look at that emo boy hair on this blog:

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