Neil Diamond – Brother loves …-`69

well , here ya go kids ; yes its neil diamond ! love the title track here & dig in [ how did they do that organ stutter effect ? lol ]
all in all this is great stuff !

Brother Love’s Travelling Salvation Show is the name of Neil Diamond’s fourth studio album. Four months after the title cut became a #22 hit, Diamond recorded and released a new single, “Sweet Caroline”, which reached #4. Because of its popularity, this song was added to the end of later pressings of the album, which was also given a new sleeve.

Lyrical Interpretation

The song tells the story of Brother Love, an evangelist who travels from town to town preaching. In the middle of the song, Diamond gives a sermon in typical evangelical style.


Some evangelical groups in the American South encouraged the boycotting of this song and of Diamond as they thought that this song denigrated and insulted evangelists and the evangelical movement. When Diamond explained in an interview that it was, contrary to their understanding of it, a celebration of Gospel music and the evangelical style of preaching and worship, the controversy subsided.

Single mix

The original 45 mix of the title cut differs from the album version. One difference is that it is in mono. Also, during the second verse, Neil’s vocal has been overdubbed onto the lead vocal, creating a harmony. Immediately after “take my hand in yours”, bells have been added to the piano part. Extra reverb is used throughout the song. Finally, the fade is longer, includes a rattling tambourine and, most prominently, the horn section is mixed much louder than on the album version. All of Diamond’s CD compilations have used the album mix.

Neil Diamond – Brother Love’s Travelling Salvation Show – `69 , UNI Records
MP3 @ 320 , w/ high rez cover scans

1. “Brother Love’s Travelling Salvation Show” – 3:27
2. “Dig In” – 2:41
3. “River Runs, New Grown Plums” – 1:58
4. “Juliet” – 2:51
5. “Long Gone” – 3:18
6. “And The Grass Won’t Pay No Mind” – 3:33
7. “Glory Road” – 3:19
8. “Deep In The Morning” –3:04
9. “If I Never Knew Your Name – 3:17
10. “Memphis Streets” – 2:40
11. “You’re So Sweet, Horseflies Keep Hangin’ ‘Round Your Face” – 3:13
12. “Hurtin’ You Don’t Come Easy” – 2:30

DOWNLOAD — here —


~ by akashaman on May 16, 2009.

8 Responses to “Neil Diamond – Brother loves …-`69”

  1. Been lookin for this for an age, and its as great as i rember it . Many , many thnx my friend. WICKED.

  2. any chance of offering in lossless format so the files can be cleaned of clicks and pops and then user could encode to mp3 if desired without loss of quality. Re-encoding an existing mp3 is not a good thing.

  3. Neil Diamond is a little like Jake Holmes; a pro pop songwriter being influenced by what was going on around him in the sixties and being better for it.Thanks for this post and your blog.

  4. Hi from Cy
    Thanks again, just what I was expecting, pure class.
    I recall a Saturday night where Davie sat poised for all of the night playing Mr Bojangles and it took me quite a while to listen to Neil Diamond after that. Oh for the days of spinning plastic and stylus that cut the sound out.
    Do you have any other of early Diamond, oh and even including Mr Bojangles?

  5. Dear Akashaman
    Thanks for this, bit by bit I’m finding Neil’s early stuff, as its just the hits that the music industry folks churn out. Check out his latest, he’s still great and that’s from way back in his connections with The Monkeys.
    Cheers Cy

  6. ya , i got about 20 or more of neils , ha. i really like him , reminds me of childhood — my dad used to spin him alot as well.

    i do have “do it” which is really kewl & “velvet gloves & spit” , “touching you , touching me” which has bo jangles !
    i`ll throw those out as well asap !


  7. Thanks for this one, I’ve been searching for a while… 🙂

  8. you kids are very welcome : this one goes down in history ~


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