The Human Beinz – Evolutions – `68 , Capitol Records

ok , i know there are some garage psych fans out there ! how about this ol gem ?
another scarce LP , this one has some great FUZZ guitars throughout….


In 1967, the Human Beinz scored a hit single with their feeback-laced cover of The Isley Brothers’ “Nobody But Me”, and for a brief and fleeting moment the boys from Youngstown, Ohio were bone fide rock stars. While their first album wasn’t anything out of the ordinary, when they went into the studio to record their second LP, they were determined to create something unusual, and you can’t argue that they succeeded with Evolutions. An amusing pastiche of neo-psychedelic excess, Evolutions is a far cry from the slightly trippy frat rock of their hit; “The Face” is a tale of lost love drenched with horns and strings, “Close Your Eyes” is a delicate mostly-acoustic plea for hippie-era togetherness, “My Animal” is an oblique pseudo-protest number leavened with sound effects, and “I’ve Got To Keep On Pushing” is a showcase for Richard Belley’s snarling guitar leads. But the real descent into the maelstrom comes with the album’s last two tracks; the country rock workout “Two Of A Kind” concludes with the sound of someone tearing apart a piano for several minutes, and the seven-minute “April 15th” gives Belley room for all the guitar freak-out-age he ever dreamed of, which may be a bit more than most fans actually wanted to hear. The Human Beinz are a better and more imaginative band than one might expect on Evolutions; Mel Pachuta, Ting Markulin and Mike Tatman are a solid rhythm section, the songs (mostly written by Lex De Azevedo, who also produced and arranged the album) are pretty good, and even when the album’s pretensions seem silly, they don’t quite sink into embarrassment. But a cloud of Nehru folly hangs over this album, and while the Human Beinz pull it off (just barely), Evolutions is still the work of a band struggling desperately to chew what they’ve bitten off.

The Human Beinz – Evolutions – `68 , Capitol Records , MP3 @ 320 kbps

1. Face
2. My Animal
3. Every Time Woman
4. Close Your Eyes
5. If You Don’t Mind, Mrs. Applebee
6. I’ve Got to Keep on Pushing
7. Cement
8. Two of a Kind
9. April 15th



~ by akashaman on May 16, 2009.

13 Responses to “The Human Beinz – Evolutions – `68 , Capitol Records”

  1. yes, yes, yes, yes yes …

    thank you 🙂

  2. thanx for this one! Didn’t know them. Heard ‘nobody but me’ in the movie ‘the departed’. Thnx again.

  3. Hi Akashaman
    Good choice here. I had this on reissue album and bought the cd a year or two back. Once inside your head The Human Beinz feed the imagination.
    Hey, litgrey, take it easy when pointing out errors, they are so easy to spot, grab the music, enjoy it and let things be, eh.
    Have a good day.

  4. I had a 128 copy of this from way back with no artwork. Thanks for a much needed upgrade. And thanks for the scans. As far as the errors at the top right…..I thought it was supposed to be that way. lol

    I am digitally challenged. Among other things, I have never used photoshop or anything like that. It’s not easy being ignorant but I seem to have mastered it pretty well. This album is very different from the Andy Kim album but I like ’em both.

    Thanks, Akashaman!


  5. Dave Edmunds is it not was in this band.

  6. From Cy
    A Persian carpet is perfect because the weaver sews in its one imperfection. Everyone sees IT but no one comments. No one is perfect. No one claims perfection other than God.
    All we have is music, eh? including Human Beinz, eh?
    This Blog wakes up,

  7. Leeching from you is always a pleasure. Thanks for the lossy mp3s. They sound great on my $25.00 boombox.

  8. I am intrigued by this – maybe because I do not know anything about this band.

    One thing… the front cover scan is full of severe Photoshop cloning errors on the top right. Since your scans are so deliciously large, would be willing to go back, correct, and repost?

  9. ya , sorry about the scans. obviously the whole lp wont fit on the scanner so i have to re – splice via “paint shop pro” & sometimes i loose some of it. so as litlgrey so cleverly noted , i clone whats left. ha , it IS psychedelic music anyway. sorry about the wierd scans.. ha , did u see andy kims scan ? ouch : i will try & fix that one !

    thanks for feedback !


  10. Thats right, dave edmunds had a band before love sculpture with the same name…..but this isnt them…..but this looks great…missed out on them but i was taken by the write up…excellent…..thanks for the share.

  11. I somewhat expected this to sound like a poor second effort by a one hit wonder. Not! Very good – especially the opening and closing tracks. Thanks for sharing

  12. glad your enjoying this one all !
    thanks for feedback ~~

  13. Great share! Thank you!

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