Dennis Yost & the Classic IV – Golden Greats – `69 – Imperial Records

During a 5 year period beginning in 1966, Dennis Yost, the voice of THE CLASSICS IV, had 4 gold singles to his credit. His gold records include “Spooky,” “Stormy,” “Traces” and “Everyday With You Girl.”

Without a doubt Dennis possessed one of the most beautiful voices ever to be on record. Even the hard rockers liked his voice. It was undeniably part of the soundtrack of the 60’s. My favorite is “Stormy”

Here’s a bit of bio on Dennis:

He began his musical career in Jacksonville, Florida playing drums with high school friends, calling themselves “The Echoes.” In the early 1960s, he joined a group that would become known as “The Classics.” Members included the founder, Wally Eaton, plus James Cobb and Joe Wilson. The group achieved certain notoriety with a small hit titled “Pollyanna” written by Joe South, not to mention Dennis was one of few drummers standing up and drumming while also singing lead. When the band learned of another group from New York City that had a small amount of success with a song titled “Til Then,” using the same name, they quickly changed their name to “The Four Classics,” and eventually “The Classics IV.”

Sadly, Dennis died at age 65 in December last year. His music will never be forgotten.

CINCINNATI – Dennis Yost, lead singer of the 1960s group the Classics IV, has died in an Ohio hospital. He was 65.Yost died Sunday (December 7, 2008) at Fort Hamilton Hospital in Hamilton, about 30 miles northwest of Cincinnati. He died of respiratory failure, hospital spokeswoman Marielou Vierling said.

Dennis Yost & the Classic IV – Golden Greats – `69 – Imperial Records
MP3 @ 320 kbps – w/ high rez scans – ALL TRAX FROM WAX

1. everyday with you girl
2. spooky
3. 24 hours of loneliness
4. mary ,mary row your boat
5. something i`ll remember
6. change of heart
7. stormy
8. traces
9. sunny
10. strange changes
11. waves
12. soul train



~ by akashaman on May 20, 2009.

15 Responses to “Dennis Yost & the Classic IV – Golden Greats – `69 – Imperial Records”

  1. please! can you reup this one! link is dead. Thanks and gotta say your blog is DA BEST!

  2. can you post this to another file sharing service?

  3. Thanks for this, man. Really cool.


  4. I like the Classics IV. It’s hard to pick a favorite but it would be a toss up for me between Change Of Heart and Traces.

    Thanks for the album!


  5. I’d love to latch onto a copy of this, but when I follow the link it leads only to a sign-up page. They offer a 7 day trial, but in reality they want PayPal info and will start charging me $5 a month after the free week. There’s nothing that says I can cancel at the end of the trial. I’m a bit leery of the way that’s set up. Any other option? Can you move it to another file server?

  6. Appreciate this share. I enjoyed this group when they were just the Classics but really enjoyed their sound as they evolved into the Classics IV. Would love to find their Spooky & What Am I Crying For lps to replace long worn out/misplaced vinyl. Thanks for all your efforts.

  7. Thanks, love this group. I wore out the wax years ago.

  8. Great Musician RIP

  9. NICE BLOG and choices of LPs.

    Please REfresh the link. This would be a nice to have.

    Many thanks.

  10. new link up ; enjoy !

    kings of the one word hits ! ha

    – sunny , spooky , traces , stormy –


  11. Thank you Mr.Akashaman. Now, I can play Stormy for my fiance. I think that a woman like her must have been the inspiration for the song. 🙂

  12. I bought this lp when it was new. It’s always been one of my favorites. Not a bad track on it. I bought a “best of” CD but not all of these tracks were on it. Now I can hear it all just the way I remember it. Thanks!

  13. Thanks for posting this. Last Feb I bought a copy of this in an oldies record store. I am so glad to now find a copy of it here to download. My dear hubby passed from a heart attack in March the next month. If he were here, he would’ve loved the download of this…

  14. Man thanks a lot! This Album its fantastic. Keep up the good work!!
    P.S: The de-noising of the LP is very good indeed. Thanks!!!!!!!
    Arg’s from Greece.

  15. cheryl !

    i am so glad u found this as well : i am sure he is still listening as well !
    what once was stormy , will one day be sunny !



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