David Werner – Whizz Kid – `74 – RCA Records

ok folks :
here is another one that got lost ! – i know there are a couple shares out there on this , but i bet they dont sound as good ! HA
this is a lost Glam type LP , think bowie , mott the hoople & the like.
its a shame these great LP`s never get the recognition they deserve , but i guess thats why i am here ! enjoy this one whizz kids !

Werner takes a more measured tack than his flashier brethren, though Mark Doyle’s and Max Kendrick’s guitars can pounce and snarl with the best of them. Songs alternate between mid-tempo rockers and plaintive ballads like “The Lady in Waiting” and “It’s Too Sad,” which offers encouragement to a lonely person (“but you’re no one’s clown/’cause they’re the ones that have to grow”). “One More Wild Guitar” opens the album decisively, casting its rocker-versus-fogeyish-parents lyric as a coming-of-age story — a theme he further develops on “The Death of Me Yet” and the title track (“everything I try to say somehow comes out crazy”). The musicianship isn’t flashy, but it’s first-rate throughout (especially Doyle and Kendrick, who carry most of the load). Werner addresses his inner life on the winsome “Love Is Tragic” and “A Sleepless Night,” in which a rebuffed lover plays for more time. As if to ensure he’s not playing things too straight, Werner trots out another Bowie-esque touch — “Plan 9,” a one-minute, free-associative spoken-word piece. The public may not have known how to read him, but David Werner was a distinctive artist, which may have worked against him. His style’s definitely an acquired taste, but you’ll never forget it once you hear it.
Whizz Kid remains the best known of his three albums, probably because everyone who ever owned it during it’s day never paid more than a dollar or two tops for it. Whizz Kidd was one of the most golden of all cut-outs during The Golden Age Of Cut-Outs 1972-1980. EVERY greater cut-out bin across the country, whether it be a record store, a K-Mart, or your corner drug store, ALWAYS had plenty of copies of Whizz Kid.

David Werner – Whizz Kid -`74 RCA Records
ALL TRAX FROM WAX – by akashaman – 2010 – MP3 @ 320 kbps

One More Wild Guitar
Whizz Kid
The Lady in Waiting
The Ballad of Trixie Silver
It’s a Little Bit Sad
Love Is Tragic
Plan 9
Counting the Ways
The Death of Me Yet
A Sleepless Night



~ by akashaman on February 12, 2010.

5 Responses to “David Werner – Whizz Kid – `74 – RCA Records”

  1. Thanks, Akashaman. I’m a big fan of Werner’s self titled ’79 LP. Can’t wait to check this out.


  2. thanks Psyffer23 !
    i think you`ll be pleasantly surprised .:)


  3. yeah akashaman, thanks for your higher quality rip. Your rip has more a cooler stereo sound to it.

    I really dig Werner’s stuff. You would think that Mojo magazine would have went wild with doing articles on Werner, but I guess they are too busy covering every bipolar move of Thom Yorke or the two metal-prog dorks of Mars Volta. Their loss.

  4. WOW!

    Never thought to see this again. I had it on cassette and the tape just worn itself out.

    The self-titled release was good too (you wouldn’t happened to have this?).

    Mega thanks.

  5. ha , kik ass ~ only one of his i have , will keep an eye out tho!

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