The Rose Garden – Atco – `68

ok i brought the pop psych back , ha — man i tripped when i saw this as i knew it was old ; really good shape too – from 68 ~
pretty good lp , but i am surprised they didnt get sued by the byrds for copping thier guitar tones , haha – its uncanny how similar they sound , i am talking jangly , jangly , jangly ! – but there is a nice blend of male & female vox here that reminds us of mamas & papas too.
not much fuzz guitar on this one , u get the idea. it really brings back the times tho , my faves are : next plane to london & flower town !
enjoy —

The Rose Garden’s only album is a fair but unmemorable pop-folk-rock record, able in its emulation of the Byrds’ 12-string guitar sound with some competent stirring male-female vocal blends. Indeed this contains some of the most blatant mimicry of Roger McGuinn’s style that you’ll find, without nearly as much of McGuinn’s imagination. Far more pop-oriented than the Byrds, the record was also handicapped by the absence of original material; the sole song bearing writing credits of group members, “Flower Town” (on which Kim Fowley also somehow manages to squeeze into the credit line), is in fact an adaptation of the traditional folk song “Portland Town.” Big Byrds collectors, though, might want to keep an eye out for this not-too-easy-to-find LP as it contains two Gene Clark songs that never appeared anywhere else, “Till Today” and “Long Time.” Neither of these songs are wonderful, but they’re okay and better than the rest of the album (save the hit “Next Plane to London”), with “Till Today” bearing a countryish feel not unlike some of the songs on Clark’s debut album. In other curious footnotes, three of the tunes were co-written by Pat Vegas, later to rise to fame as part of Redbone, while “Look What You’ve Done” was co-written by Bob Johnston, who at that time was producing superstars Bob Dylan and Johnny Cash.

The Rose Garden – Atco – `68
MP3 @ 320 – includes front/back/label high rez scans !

1 – Next Plane to London
2 – I’m Only Second
3 – February Sunshine
4 – Coins of Fun
5 – Rider
6 – She Belongs to Me
7 – Flower Town
8 – Till Today
9 – Look What You’ve Done
10 – Long Time

tons more info on band , history , pics , 45`s – very kewl – see link below !!

— The Rose garden —



~ by akashaman on February 13, 2010.

4 Responses to “The Rose Garden – Atco – `68”

  1. thanks! can’t wait to check it out….

  2. Enjoying this…thanks!! Great blog

  3. Thanks! I have it playing now. Nice rip. Pretty good album. I’ve enjoyed worse. It’s amazing how many really good albums you have never heard of.

    ….and how many bad ones you have heard too much of. lol

  4. Great Set here. By-the-way, I noticed that this band has a web-site

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