Planet P Project `- 84 , Geffen – – [ QUIEX II PRESS ]

OK , veering off course a bit , but here is the second planet p installment.
i already posted the second , pink world – double !
i figured it was fitting being 2010 & all. there is a line in Why me that goes
“the last man to be here-was never heard from again-he won’t be back this way till 2010…!! – and now I’m riding on a fountain of fire-with my back to the earth-I go higher and higher-why me? ” ! — so , here i am , ha –
for those that never heard this , your in for a real treat. especially if you are into spacey sci-fi rock , with lots of keys , layers & mood shifting imagery.
it doesnt get much better than this. i am proud to say that when this came out in `84 , i was delivering pizzas & the why me song was a huge hit , yes; it was my fave song that year ! – oh , & i have the cd , but this is ripped from a QUIEX II Press of the vinyl [ IT REALLY SOUNDS GREAT , WAX WAS REAL CLEAN ! ], + 2 bonus trax takin` from CD ! tony wrote & played most everything here & even produced it , it is an amazing recording !
enjoy ~

“Back in the 1980’s, Tony Carey had enough musical and lyrical ideas in him that he split his output into two different outlets. Songs about individuals and stories at a personal level were released under his own name, while songs about societies and technology issues were released under the name “Planet P Project”. This album was the first one for the PPP, released on Geffen records. There were a few spacey music videos which got a fair amount of airplay on MTV, back in the early days of MTV when it still had something to do with “music”. I *thnk* there was a video for “Static” which got some video-play, but the video that most people will remember was one for “Why Me?”.
“Static” is a song that views a world after some major man-made disaster, generally believed to be a nuclear war but never specifically mentioned as such. With lyrics such as: “But you can’t believe it, where did all the people go? A finger on the button — static on the radio”. It’s a wistful song of loss and tragedy on a grand scale.
I have always liked the song “King for a Day”, which talks about those people with a insatiable thirst for power and writing their name in history. “Build me a castle, and throw a parade. Put my name in stone, so the words won’t fade. Start a religion, and name it for me. Build me a city, and give me the key! I’m king for a day, and can do no wrong…”. But in some ways it is also a commentary on the societies who *WANT* to crown their own kings for a day, one king after another.
Another interesting song is “Armageddon”, which in some ways is a revisiting of the end-of-world theme from “Static”. I am probably reading into this song that Tony wasn’t meaning to write, but to me this song is about the major failing of modern society’s success with technology. While we keep making tremendous strides in technology, societies are still hell bent on destroying each other (or themselves, for that matter). The main line from the song is simply, “Armegeddon, oh no. Armageddon — you came too soon”. Mankind might have the brainpower to solve all of it’s problems, but not the willpower.
“Why Me?” is the song that got the most airplay. It’s about an astronaut being launched on a very long-term space mission. With lines like: “Thinking about the girl I left behind — Houston can you hear me, or have I lost my mind? Why Me? Why Me?”, and “The last guy to be here was never heard from again — he won’t be back this way until 2010 !! !”.
That gives you a basic idea of the lyrical theme of the album. It’s a theme that resonated well back in the early 1980’s, but it also works quite well in this post-9/11 world. The cold war may have faded away, but societies as a whole still face (and generate!) the same old problems.
Many people like to label this under progressive music, but to my mind that isn’t quite right. The *theme* is obviously similar to what Pink Floyd might write on a bleak day, and Tony Carey does also have a great talent for writing and performing music. And it is a “concept album”, which one might expect from progressive music. But each of the songs here is more like a pop song. They may have much better instrumental work than 98% of pop songs, but they are still short memorable songs. They have a standard structure of verses and a chorus, and each one can stand by itself. You don’t need to listen to the whole album for any of these songs to make sense. Admittedly, the lyrics are not “sweet pop happy bubblegum” themes, but it seems a bit wrong (to me) to think of this as a progressive album. But I can understand why people say that. The instrumental work here is excellent, and he has the right voice for singing these themes.”

Planet P Project – [tony carey/x-rainbow] `- 84 , Geffen – [ QUIEX II PRESS ]
ALL TRAX FROM WAX [ save bonus trax ] – by akashaman , 2010

MP3 @ 320 as always !

Static – 4:04
King for a day – 3:57
I won’t wake up – 3:46
Top of the world – 4:34
Armageddon – 4:20
Why me? – 4:06
Power Tools – 3:59
Send it in a letter – 3:52
Adam and Eve – 3:36
Only you and me – 3:22
Tranquility base (bonus track – from cd) – 1:55
Ruby (bonus track from cd) – 3:59


~ by akashaman on February 15, 2010.

2 Responses to “Planet P Project `- 84 , Geffen – – [ QUIEX II PRESS ]”

  1. I have this on vinyl myself, and still consider “Why Me?” one of my top 10 favorite songs of all time. Fantastic album, better than “Pink World”, IMHO. My only complaint about PPP was the lack of output over the years.

  2. pink world is much broader in scope & concept , i wouldnt really compare the two. both are great , ha.
    i am glad u found this tho : TURN IT UP !


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