Hello world!

HEY ALL ~ thanks for stopping in. ready to get back to bizness . hit me with any requests you might have , or have made & i have forgotten. – i will certainly try & get to em.
might throw in a few curve balls here & there to keep ya on ya feet !
maybe a classic 70`s LP or sometin` —–
rok on
If ya take the time to download , please take the time to comment.
thanks to CY & WKC for all the great feedback & comments ….!!!!



i created this blog to share some of my collection … i have over 3,500 lp`s.
i am using an old vintage marantz 1150D amp [ thanks pa ! ], Yamaha YP-D4 turntable , seasound SOLO EX soundcard , & Cubase 5 to do all transfers.
this seems to capture the warmth of vinyl as well , which is really nice !
most of my wax is real clean so i hope to get some clean transfers.
minor eq / comp if needed to add more clarity. also a bit of WAVS x-clik , x-pop , etc.
some recordings will be cd transfers , but the majority will be scare psych LP`s.
i have about a thousand cds , many of which are OOP & obscure enuff to share.
i am new to the blog thing , but have noticed alot of really obscure stuff being posted. i will try & fill in the cracks as best i can , but i am sure there be someone / somewhere who beats me to the punch , so to speak.
i just dont wanna waste time with something that is already avaliable , so i will try & keep my posts as original as feasable. all lp`s could range a bit in style , but most will be pop in nature.
all files are the result of my own effort & time , from my own personal collection. no files here are borrowed or otherwise mirrored & or cloned.
i expect the same reciprication.
enjoy your time in the kosmos & if ya take time to download the music , take time to let me know what ya think please!


~ by akashaman on April 1, 2010.

7 Responses to “Hello world!”

  1. I saw what you wrote to Leonard over at RT66… I think you’ve done the right thing setting up this mirror site.

  2. it sure cant hurt eh ! thanks man — keep in touch

  3. I don’t comment often enough but i sure do dig your collection

    I was reminded of your blog via redtele666 – (a fine blog also)

    I have saved my LP collection since 64 (most LPs 65 thru 73)

    pleasantly surprised by the “sky” – don’t hold back LP – it is one I bought back in 70 – never saw it offered anywhere b4

    I have about 2.5 – 3.5 thousand Lps total but no equipment 2 play
    or convert 2 mp3 so i really appreciate your work in providing fine music 4 the folks –

    Thanks a million – the BossHoss

  4. BossHoss ~ that`s so awesome u still have your lp`s & still loving the music. i cant believe u have that sky , that`s very cool. it really grows on you ~ what are some of your other faves ? i hope i have a few more interesting surprises left for ya !
    thanks for feedbak

  5. actually i only like two songs on the ‘sky’ Lp

    Iron Butterfly were the best of all time 4 me

    also, I did seek out obscure albums in real time by scouring record shops from 67-73

    less well known albums i have & advocate include: brother
    fox and the tar baby, cynara, flaming youth & holy modal rounders (esp. ‘eat the moray eels.

    +like I said – thanx 4 sharing

    today I scour the blogs seeking mostly 60s central & south american bands – which are new 2 me – it reminds me of finding
    an obscure auditory gem in some record or head shop in 1969

    check out those mexican & peruvian 60s bands like the dug dugs,
    manal, sonnys, flippers, & many more – I am on soulseek (mxstorm)
    where I share my musical finds! have a toke on the BossHoss!

  6. The mirror site’s a great idea (just in case…) Now, for my requests:
    Are you familiar with “Clive Sarstedt” and “Freeway Getaway” by – of course – Clive Sarstedt? (Early ’70s, RCA) I’m also looking for the Cochise track “Words Of A Dying Man” (B-side of “Love’s Made A Fool Of You”). I’ve asked around and nobody seems to have these! Thanks if you got ’em, and keep those posts coming!

  7. hey , i have Peter Sarstedt ? debut
    not the same guy , never heard of clive , sorry bro !
    will keep en eye out tho ~

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